Remember the Alamo

Alamo Fiesta guitar mid ’60’s.
Everyone was getting or wanting an electric guitar back then. There was of course the big two making nice guitars . For those that couldn’t afford or just starting out there were quite a few cheaper alternatives. This USA made instrument was given to me with a big hole in the body, half worn red paint, one broken tuner and a pickup that was dead. P 90 to the rescue… Some wood filler,some glue and some sanding then the paint. School bus yellow. Why not?
Very easy to play. Less than
5 lbs. Pickup from es125 controls from ’63 sg jr. Loud and clear.
Pickup was installed opposite of norm. Happy accident. Anyway,don’t be afraid of turning trash into treasure. The truth is out there.#electricguitar


Yellow rose of texas

Yellow rose of texas


“Isn’t that hard to play ?” 12 strings ? I’ve been asked this more than once. Not really, explaining there are 6 courses or “pairs” if you will. Changing them strings is another story. 6 x 2. 🔆 eE, aA, dD, gG, BB, EE. Low to high the lower case letters are “the other strings” . The bottom four pairs are 99% tuned one octave apart and the other two courses in unison. ie the same pitch EE and BB, 1st and 2nd place, tiny deviations in pitch adds an almost chorus like effect. Same with the others but to a lesser degree. These 8 sing out sparkly overtones, jingle-jangle joy. Take your time changing these strings… Some like to put the 6 primary aka regular strings on first. If you do it like that you can play it awhile as if it were just a wide neck 6 string beast. See Johnny Winter at Woodstock with his Fender 12. Cool. More about 12 strings soon. Now it’s trick or treat time. This is. GB


Who’s this star?151031_165238_COLLAGE-1

If things get too complicated ask Glinda to work some of her



Open “G” and a capo should keep you busy for awhile.What’s a capo? When S.J.Holly get’s back i’ll try to fill you in. Right now I’ve got to get my 12 string in shape for a new tune.

Sparkling with joy We'll be out again soon

Sparkling with joy
We’ll be out again soon

0805150842~2“Losin’ you blues”  key of E 

80 days ago,i had the losin you blues
What a difference one day makes
Now I’m shoppin for a new pair of shoes.
I came into this town with a burden
on my back
Wore out them shoes from walkin
Think I’ll buy me a Cadillac


Rollin down this road. Trying to forget all
the good times and the bad
I ain’t finished yet. (a)

Now I gotta face it i’ll never be the same check the clock that’s on the dash. Listenen to Skip James(b)


One more verse and I’m outta here
Ill try to make things right
Lord help me find my way
Can you please do it tonight.

a.b outro
Gblisten. All rights reserved.©

It’s not the heat it’s the humidity. Holly’s being taken of care right now.She was bound to crack after all these yeats. I think we caught it in time so she’ll be fine for years to come. Dry heat and delicate woods. I’m going to make sure she gets treated right with proper cleaning, a humidifier for the case, and plenty of praise. Can’t say who took care of her before but this girl’s gotta last. God bless Keith Richards.

Future posts might be down here.I know there is always a better way.1003151816a

The people that made this possible My dad Charlie Brown and lovely wife Debbie. His 75th birthday. Keep on truckin’


Kramer. Third week in a row I was too depressed to play out. It’s my life. To remedy this I called on an old friend. My work-horse. This guy’s been all over the place.Left with strangers. Thrown off a stage. Sustaianed verbal abuse.Why, it’s trusty blueguitar67. Kramer likes to be used. Played with wreckless abandon. Strung up with .011 thru .049 we’te ready to shake ’em on down. People been asking me to come out and play.I’m ready and so is my friend. Tough as nails. Make some noise. Almost forgot to mention Holly’s got a tiny crack. Taking her in tomorrow for fix. I’ll let you know.

1022152021aELECTRIC GUITAR 101

GAUGES. .08, .09, .010, etc. Holly, my SJ Deluxe, still has the strings she came with. Feels like an .011 set phosfer bronze. She’s fine for now. S J is for sothern jumbo. Standard “E” tuning . Come spring we’ll try to up that to .012 cause she’ll probably be ready for company. Been so busy playing I forget to post or somehow put it off.”Bella” Meteor was begging to be taken out and pluged in. We’ll see . Usually we go with a wound “G” bbbut playing out a plain string will be better suited to variety . When I get my laptop hooked up on line, I’ll post more and hopefully some sounds and songs for your amusement.Going to look at a Tele . Don’t tell Kramer just yet. Until the next time. GB

1019150929Let the sunshine in.